In a hybrid, performative live award ceremony of the ECHO 2050 for New Music and its prehistory with mockumentary, cinematic retrospectives, the ensemble for contemporary music theater Opera Lab Berlin wants to critically examine the world of dominating classical music stars, prestige systems regulating art awards and the extreme increase of "AI" generated art and ask what art means in times of crisis or in the progressive digitalization of intelligent "AI" systems. 

The questions arise: which artists will be chosen, will humanoid art lose its importance through the takeover of "AI"? Can "AI" generate better art than humans? How do future competitions between humans and "AI" look like? Here also emphasizing the importance of an often suppressed underlying theme = What happens to the old, forgotten and demented artists* as a former (unrecognized) source of strength of society and in art. 

All these questions culminate in the highly exciting and highly problematic world of an art world shaped by increasingly artificial intelligentsia and at the same time conservative award ceremonies. It's about growing old. To have worked all one's life for something that no longer has any meaning in a new era.

With Ruth Rosenfeld, Gina May Walter and Alba Gentili-Tedeschi

With Ruth Rosenfeld, Gina May Walter and Alba Gentili-Tedeschi

Concept & Direction: Martin Miotk

Composition & Artistic Direction: Evan Gardner

Live Sound: Giovanni Zaniol

Live Video: Juan Ramirez

Technical director and Light Design: Fabian Eichner

Stage Design & Costume: Martin Miotk

Makeup: Oliver Kunde

Production Management Réka Szabó

Documentation: Marta Maluva

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