Opera Lab's staging of Carola Bauckholts "triebgesteuert"


Bastian Zimmermann
Neue Zeitschrift für Musik
published on

The performers Thorbjörn Björnsson, Angela Braun, Sophie Catherin, Bettina Gfeller, Magnus Hallur Jónsson and Timotheus Maas as well as the percussionists Evdoxia Filippou and Victor Barceló are rewarded with rapturous applause.

The director Eva-Maria Weiß and the choreographer Lisa Fütterer enter the stage with conductor and musical director Antoine Daurat, and then the audience leaves the hall. Opera Lab Berlin, a more-or-less open pool of performers, directors and composers, has been exploring ideas associated with music theatre in Berlin since 2013, organising performances in different locations and with varying groups of instrumentalists and singers. A wonderful format, as this evening in the alternative atmosphere of the Acker Stadt Palast demonstrated. Not a large-scale production that has been planned for years, but rather a small-scale experiment: open for unsecured ideas, improvisational elements and an undogmatic approach to the score. Alongside a production designed precisely for the space available, a rather informal handling of Bauckholt's works is presented, upon which this evening shows directions for a new musical theatre. The music itself does not really suggest connections to post-digital isolation and loneliness, but after this evening they are inexorably connected. Answers to the modern dilemma of love are not suggested; they in fact are not needed, because instead we are lead towards the best way to deal with out life and love situations: with humour.

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