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Zenaida des Aubris
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Hissing, gurgling, beeping, hysterical laughing, rubbing, knocking, clapping, whistling, pounding, clattering, dusting, vacuuming ... and hundreds more noises are brought together in Staatstheater. Almost like in real life. The work, premiered in 1971, is now being performed by Opera Lab in Berlin in a version produced by Evan Gardner at Ballhaus Ost. 

[...] With hundreds of everyday sounds, Evan Gardner creates a new version of the work. Director Michael Höppner knows how to react to every sound. Günter H.W. Lemke gives the two main actors worthy, classic robes, dressed as aged opera visitors in tailcoats and evening dresses or as kings and queens of antiquity with imaginative crowns of aluminum foil and plastic beads. The Eternal Youth jumps around in a white tennis dress. The economical stage design of Martin Miotk and Cristina Lelli can be relocated depending on circumstances. Catherine Gayer and Klaus Lang - formerly long-time members of the Deutsche Oper - evoke their characters with personality and dignity. [...] At the end, the audience applauds itself alongside the performers, especially warmly towards the two main actors Catherine Gayer and Klaus Lang.

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