Rollbergidyll Scenekunst

Opera Lab Berlin’s experiment successfully masters the challenge


Liv Kristin Holmberg
published on

Immigrants, children and housewives don’t belong to the standard audience for experimental music theatre.

But when I see the German housewives who have dressed up for this occasion and are eating from the buffet filled with curiosity and delight while the strange sparkling musical theatrical tale unfolds, it turns out, that there is a predominant common denominator among the audience: poverty. As a spectator and a critic I am filled with ambivalent feelings. What does it mean to transport so-called highbrow culture into a space which was created for society’s weakest? It becomes apparent, that Opera Lab Berlin’s experiment successfully masters the challenge. This communal project venture luckily omits the typical trap that has ripped open the century old chasm between contemporary art and the ‚people‘. Perhaps this performance can be imagined as a sort of transformational ritual in which music, singing, the set and sparkling costumes bestow power upon a place: tearing it away from its grey, busy everyday routine.

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