Gunfighter Nation

Premiere of Evan Gardner's Western Opera "Gunfighter Nation" in Berlin's Ballhaus Ost 


Peter Pachl
Neue Musik Zeitung
published on

Opera Lab, the creators of this independent opera production, were not as surprised as most by result of the recent US election. "Western" has become "West Earn", golden letters adorning tonight’s revamped performance venue, Berlin’s Ballhaus Ost in the trendy Prenzlauer Berg district.

[...] Gardner's score is original in it’s use of musicians who are virtuosic performers, not only master in their technical mastery of their instruments and voices, but also in more unusual ways. No fewer than three conductors (Manuel Nawri, Antoine Daurat, Musashi Baba) are used as methods of healing of the world are played with as a culture struggles with its indigenous populations. [...] Director Michael Höppner skillfully gathers together elements of a grotesque von Trapp or perhaps Trump family, elegantly combined together by Martin Miotk stage design adorned with precisely pretentious costumes created by Andy Besuch. [...]

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