Supported by Initiativ Neue Musik Berlin

Christmas - the season of truth! Conspiracy theories rule the world. Untruths, which manipulate our Zeitgeist’s narratives from the depth of the web of social media, proclaiming the new salvation or catastrophe. Or becoming reality. In Kreidler Conspiracy, the investigative team of Opera Lab Berlin unveils the most popular myths of the 21st century and discovers, that everything is connected to the concept artist Johannes Kreidler. Celebrating the world premiere of a live music theatre advent calendar, the velvet curtains reveals the inner workings of the laboratory 24 times for Berlin walker bys and on stream in the world wide web. 24 mini performances connect everything: shoes falling on guitars as secret messages from the Illuminati, rope jumping as code for the intrigues of 9/11 and Prince Charles as a vampire. Tasty concept music cookies, Elvis and Big Foot, glitter and chocolate. Are you ready for the truth?