Supported by Initiativ Neue Musik Berlin

A myriad of distinct theatrical compositions form a contemporary music theater mirroring the life in bourgeois Bohemia. A commune of revolutionary sleepers and sleeping revolutionaries is put under the gun: the audience transforms into prospective buyers on a musical performative viewing tour and focuses on the art and every day life of the intermediate renters. Through the magic of music theater a battle of clashing life plans, living dreams and lived realities in our present emerges. The director Anna-Sophie Weber and Opera Lab Berlin are developing a devised work of music theater composed of theatrical compositions of contemporary music by various composers (Helmut Lachenmann, Peter Ablinger, Jennifer Walshe, Brigitta Muntendorf, Georges Aperghis, Simon Steen-Andersen, Carola Bauckholt, Hugo Morales Murguia, Neo Hülcker, Matthias Kaul und Aaron Einbond). Inspired by Tschernyschewsky’s 1863 social-utopian novel “What is to be done?”, in which young members of a commune in Moscow seek a new life and experiment with changing the macrocosm of society within their microcosm, we pursue the question: What is it like today, the right life within the false?