Sponsored by the Mayor of Berlin and the district of Neukölln

Rollbergidyll is a new music theater piece from Opera Lab Berlin, in which performers from the ensemble seek real life. In keeping with the long-forgotten genre of the Idyll, the bourgeois bohemian enters the community house of the Rollberg district and meets the residents of the community at a buffet. As the performance unfolds, an idyllic representation of real life is presented through the playful arrangement of several pieces of contemporary music. Programme: Florian Mattil: Telepathos Trond Reinholdtsen: "Langweilig" and "Alltag" (from: "Vier deutsche Lieder") Antoine Daurat: Vocalisen Franz Schubert: Der Hirte auf dem Felsen and Romanze (from: "Die Verschworenen") Ralph Vaughan Williams: 3 Vocalisen Georges Aperghis: Sept crimes de l’amour Sivan Cohen Elias: How to make a monster Elena Rykova: 101% mind uploading